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Plains Camp – Rhino Walking Safaris

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Plains Camp – Rhino Walking Safaris

Walking SafariKruger Park, with its Plains Camp offers so much to its adventurous and eager visitors, and features a wonderful rhino walking safari for guest’s enjoyment. There amazing rhino walks are a true marvel inside this beautiful natural treasure of a recreational center. It is especially tailored for the use of all sorts of visitors and sightseers, made to compliment the luxury tented accommodations that are built nearby to provide visitors with comfort as well as luxurious housing with world class service found only at the best and highest rated hotels from all over the world. This plains camp is situated flawlessly within the very heart of their entire impressive 12,000hectare concession within the nearly 2 million hectare Kruger National Park, South Africa. This mesmerizing location is just a short stone’s throw away from the famous Skukuza Rest Camp, which makes it so much easier to be accessed either by road or by air. Since Plains Camp – Rhino Walking Safaris allows only around eight to twelve people on a guided walking safari at any given time, which makes the experience a perfectly relaxing and peaceful bonding trip within the pristine wilderness.

 Rhino Post Safari Lodge – Rhino Walking Safaris

Walking SafariKruger Park offers much more than just a simple magical experience for visitors of all sorts and with all kinds of viewpoints on nature. For instance, another great option for guest that want to discover more of the beautiful and unique safari and the knowledge it can provide to every single individual who comes to see it. Walking Safaris in Kruger are a complete indulgence in the amazing kinds of things that all of South Africa has to offer. For instance, the Rhino Post Safari lodge, which accompanies the much appreciated Rhino walking safaris, is a great place where one can find accommodation for their stay at Kruger National Park. This area is designed to function as a truly high quality place for people to enjoy. Located at the southern end of the 12,000 hectare impressive wilderness concession; it provides visitors with the opportunity to spend the time of their lives one on one with the pearls of nature. The concession actually shares a 15 km unfenced boundary with the all famous Mala Mala as well as the Sabi Sands reserve. It has a true abundance of various kinds of wildlife, which travels frequently between the reserves. This is what notes it as one of the best areas not only for general game viewing but also for seeing the Big Five, which just so happen to be the rhino, the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, and the leopard. These five amazing creatures are a truly unforgettable sight, especially when seen up close or on foot. They are thus considered some of Africa’s most unforgettable creatures of all time and attracts as always a steady stream of attention from all the corners of the world. 

Plains Camp – Rhino Walking Safaris

Walking SafariFinally Plains Camp – Rhino Walking Safaris are a great experience that should not be missed by anyone, especially since it is so highly educational and unforgettable experience as well. As a benefit of this walking safaris in Kruger, visitors can also experience luxury accommodations during their stay. Other Kruger walking safaris have more rustic, traditional accommodation.

Plains Camp is perfect for safari traditionalists, who want the pioneering feeling of an old-style African safari, which includes bush walking in African Big 5 territory. Plains Camp suits the ‘Out of Africa’ theme, right down to white linen, leather sofas, pith helmet, ancient gramophone and canvas chairs overlooking grass plains. For more details please click Plains Camp – Rhino Walking Safaris

Plains Camp offers very good value for money for an all-inclusive private safari inside the renowned Kruger National Park. This opinion is based on my personal visits to over 100 safari camps and lodges in Southern & East Africa! Rhino Walking Safaris operate Plains Camp, but also have Rhino Post Camp (for safari game drives and bush walks) and Platforms Camp (where you sleep out on individual treetop wooden terraces under a flyscreen). Read about all of these walking safaris accommodation options and I suggest you stay a couple of nights at each for a very satisfying safari experiencing the private side of Kruger National Park.

Plains Camp  – Rhino Walking Safaris

Rhino Post Safari Lodge


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