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Scary ! Elephant Charge Hikers on a Walking Safari – Kruger National Park .

Posted by on September 12, 2014

We were on a hike in the Kruger Park and decided to go to a section of the park where no one had hiked before. We tracked and saw various animals. On the day of our encounter with the elephant we had been tracking a leopard all day, he seemed to outwit us and had a 5 minute lead on us that was when we chanced upon this elephant bull. Our guide has got a lot of experience with elephants and assured us he would just get the elephants attention but if the elephant did not sense danger it
would run away, if we were lucky we would get a mock charge-which we did. It happened exactly like that and we followed the elephant after the encounter and found it throwing water over its body and flapping its ears. According to the guide it was out of pure frustration..lol. The Elephant was not
provoked or harmed in any way.

Mr Delton Daniels

Kruger National Park – http://www.krugerparkbookings.com

This is just a short video of how a Elephant attack Tourists on a Walking Safari in Kruger National Park.Great Kruger Sighting for tourists. This video is protected by ┬ęCopyright.

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