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Rude Safari Guide Spoils Sighting For Visitors – Kruger National Park

Posted by on May 28, 2014

Rude Safari Guide Spoils Sighting in Kruger Park.

Visitors were watching a rare sighting of interaction between an Elephant and 2 Rhinos when a Safari Guide first drove off road to pass a car and then carried on driving ‘through’ the sighting. In doing this, he first chased the Elephant off and the Rhino soon followed. This could have been avoided by showing some patience and appreciation for the animals.In the video one can also clearly see some Kruger Park law breakers in the background.

Safari Guides should know better. The reg.no. of the Safari vehicle FBJ 407 MP.Sightings like these a rare. Video sent in by Willem, Suzanne and Jean.

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This is just a short video of how a rude Safari Guide spoiled a Good Sighting for tourists. This video is protected by ©Copyright.

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