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Lion warns tourists in 4×4 not to get closer, Kruger National Park.

Posted by on March 20, 2014

Kruger National Park, South Africa – http://www.krugerparkbookings.com
Lion warns visitors in 4 x 4 not to get closer, Kruger National Park.

“It was early April and we had got into the park early for a two-day safari. One mile from Crocodile Bridge entrance, an RV had pulled up in front of us so we slowed down.

We were a bit confused as to why they had stopped but one of the passengers in the RV alerted us to the lion lying by the side of the road. We slowly moved to the opposite side of the road and made sure all of our windows were up!

We began to take pictures and video this magnificent animal. It was at this time when a huge 4 x 4 arrived on the same side of the road as the lion and moved closer and closer towards it.

It was at this point when the lion decided enough was enough, gave a warning before trotting off.”

This Lion could easily have attacked.The guys filming did the correct thing. The visitors in the 4×4 spoiled the Kruger sighting for everyone else. Please keep your distance. Animals have right of way in Kruger, do not disturb their natural behaviour.
Filmed by Andrew McGinnigle.

a Full List of Kruger National Park Rules is available when you book accommodation or visit Kruger Park as a Day Visitor.

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This is just a short video of a Lion warning visitors in 4 x 4 not to get closer to him while on Safari in Kruger Park.
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