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Popular Destinations in Africa

Posted by on May 19, 2012

Popular Destinations in Africa

Africa is considered one of the most stunning and truly amazing places on Earth for its beautiful wildlife and exotic natural locations that attract so many eager visitors each and every single year. These kinds of places often enable the visitors to explore and come close to the different exotic and unusual creatures that reside within Africa’s unique atmosphere and climate. Since these kinds of places in Africa are generally quite abundant to accommodate for the countless numbers of requests from excited and thrilled adventurers coming from around the world in search of new discoveries and memory forming experiences, it might sometimes be difficult to decide which are the best places in Africa to book a visit to. However, no matter where a visitor decides to go in Africa for his or her planned trip, he or she will most definitely not regret making a reservation to this location, no matter how he or she feels about nature in general and what his or her expectations of a safari might be.

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When making a choice as to which popular destinations in Africa to visit, one must take into consideration several different factors. For instance, there are many special holiday places in Africa, which are built especially for occasions such as honeymoons and weddings. Other types of popular destinations in Africa include places in South Africa, which is considered the home of the most precious species on the planet. This is due to the fact that so many different creatures live in this area that the location makes for a perfect site that adventurers will wish to see. For instance, the Masai Mara, in Kenya, can provide its visitors with the ability to see all of Africa’s “big five” in a single morning. The “big five” include the five most amazing creatures in the world- the lion, the elephant, the rhino, the buffalo and the leopard. This beautiful place in Africa also enables visitors to view the annual migration of the wildebeest from a hot air balloon, which is a completely unique feature to this location.

Popular Destinations in Africa

Other exciting popular locations in Africa includes Botswana,Namibia,Mozambique,Zimbabwe.

When flying to South Africa chances are good of landing either in Cape Town Area or Johannesburg. Both are very exciting and modern cities in South Africa. Both Cape Town and Johannesburg offer a great variety of accommodation options.

Another one of the best places in Africa can be the Vicotria Falls, which are located in Zimbabwe/ Zambia. This massive waterfall has long been an attraction for water and thrills lovers and provides an excellent opportunity to experience its power first hand from the strength of its spray.

How can someone forget about the enormous landmarks located in Egypt when they consider the best holiday destinations in Africa? The Giza pyramids are famous for being truly impressive structures and are also the last surviving members of the original Seven Wonders of the World.

Popular Destinations in Africa

Finally, for the specific places that one might visit from the wide range of destinations in South Africa, a visitor should consider the stunning coastal towns of Hermanus, Cape Town, as well as Knysna and Durban. No South Africa trip can be considered complete without the visit to a town like one of those as they show clearly the culture of South Africa and provide visitors with tasteful experiences.
Please see our full list of Popular Destinations in Africa.

If you want more fun, we are listing below specific destinations which are very popular in Southern Africa outside Kruger National Park and also the rest of Africa. Just click on the respective links below and you can get all the information immediately. And yes, if you find your dream destination, you can book your accommodation too.

Cape Town Area
South Africa
The whole Africa

Popular Destinations in Africa

popular destinations


Popular Destinations

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