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Kruger Park Lodge Resort

Posted by on October 10, 2012

Kruger Park Lodge Resort

Kruger Park LodgeKruger Park Lodge is an amazing place to plan a getaway to, especially if the reason of the trip is to spend quality time together while enjoying the vast outdoors as well as high quality accommodations in general. It is also the perfect location to experience all sorts of unique and exotic species of plants as well as animals that are often not found as frequently and in such abundance around the world. With Kruger National Park a stones throw away,Kruger Park Lodge resort is the first choice for accommodation near Kruger National Park for many a holiday maker.

There is also an impressive abundance of trees and smaller wildlife which include an array of bird species that some people might never get the chance to see in other locations around the globe.

This is what makes Kruger Park Lodge such an exciting attraction for so many different kinds of people, who come from just about every corner of the earth to see and explore this marvelous location nearby.

Kruger Park Lodge Resort

Kruger Park LodgeKruger Park Lodge, however, does not only house an enormous amount of different trails, hikes, and animals as well as various exotic trees and fish.The Resort also provides for the personal preferences of recreation for different types of visitors, such as those who enjoy sport, for example. This is displayed grandly by the humongous 9 hole golf course, which was designed by Gary Player and rests flawlessly upon the beautiful banks of the Sabie River in Hazyview, Mpumalanga.

This aspect of the resort offers much peace and tranquility for those who enjoy playing golf, as well as providing an excellent escape of the typical crowds present at other lodges and parks.

Kruger Park Lodge Resort

Another great thing that the Kruger Park Lodge has to offer is one of the best kinds of accommodations available for not only these kinds of locations but for all sorts of hotels around the world in general. The resort was developed originally by MagicBreakaways Leisure Developments and is managed currently by Legacy Hotels and Resorts. Whether this is the reason for the success of this accommodation near Kruger National Park or not, Kruger Park boasts as being one of the top Gold Crown Resorts in all of Southern Africa and thus attracts many visitors, especially those who wish to experience some luxury on their trip to the seeming wilderness.

Kruger Park LodgeThe architectural theme for the accommodations near Kruger National Park has several distinguishing requirements. For example, one such requirement is that all homes must have face brick exteriors as well as thatch roofs and also wooden windows and doors to complement the natural, simple look and beauty of the Kruger Park Lodge overall. This causes all the housing to blend in wonderfully into their surrounding gardens and wildlife and look not only exotic and harmonious, but also provide much peace and relaxation for the visitors.

Kruger Park Lodge also provides its residents with other fun activities, by incorporating a grand total of 4 tennis courts, three swimming pools, and several children’s playgrounds onto the property. This enables the park to grant its visitors the perfect activities to suit their personalities and needs.

Kruger Park Lodge include these 12 thrilling destinations below. Please feel free to click on the links below to know more about the availability, check in-out time, price, features etc.

If you click on the links below, you will be able to see enchanting slide shows which will show you all the relevant details. Uu-Hu–get going and click RIGHT NOW.

Accommodation in Kruger National Park and surrounding areas are Limited. To ensure a higher Accommodation Request Confirmation Rate, we encourage the visitor to request Multiple Accommodation Options/Choices. Please Request Different Rest Camps, Lodges, Dates, etc. to improve your success rate of getting an Accommodation Booking Confirmation.Thank You.

12 Thrilling Destinations

  1. Kruger Park Lodge Legacy Hotels Hazy view
  2. 524 Kruger Park Lodge
  3. Jabulani Kruger Park Lodge Hazy view
  4. Kruger Park Lodge Unit 535 Hazy view
  5. Hippo House Kruger Park Lodge
  6. Cambalala Kruger Park Lodge Hazy view
  7. 514 Kruger Park Lodge Hazy view
  8. Kruger Park Lodge 204
  9. Kruger Park Lodge  277  Hazy view
  10. Kruger Park Lodge-Golf Safari SA Hazy view
  11. 401 Kruger Park Golf Lodge Kruger National Park
  12. Kruger Park Lodge ShongweIngwe Hazy view

Kruger Park Lodge

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