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Kruger National Park Safari

Posted by on January 30, 2014

Kruger National Park Camping

Kruger National Park Safari offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best game parks in Africa. The best of African safaris can be captured along the borders of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, in one of the continent’s largest game reserves, known as Kruger National Park in South Africa. Kruger National Parks main goal is to conserve the wildlife.  Parks in Mozambique and Zimbabwe nature parks, are in a process to join South African National Parks to form the Great Limpopo Transfortier park which will be one of the biggest parks in Africa.

Established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, this national park of nearly 2 million hectares named Kruger National Park, is unrivalled in the diversity of its life forms and a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques and policies.
Truly the flagship of South Africa’s national parks, Kruger is home to an impressive number of species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals.

Kruger Park is South Africa’s most exciting destination for safaris.Here at the home of Africa’s Big Five: Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo, you will discover unique wildlife in Africa.Plan your Kruger Park safaris by selecting from the various safaris and accommodation options, ranging from DIY and budget, to exclusive private safaris.All Kruger Park bookings can be done online.

Kruger National Park Safari offers many different types of accommodation for those on safaris who wish to experience the beauty of this South African location first hand and stay at a truly exotic and unique place while still remaining in the perfect comfort and luxury that only the top rated hotels from around the world could provide. When planning safaris to Kruger and thinking of the various Kruger National Park accommodation options, a person must thoroughly consider the budget the adventurer is willing to invest.

Kruger National Park Safari generates funds in park through day visitors fees, accommodation reservations and visitors on guided safaris. Kruger donates at minimal ten percent to support various helpful ventures in South Africa. Although to conserve South Africa is Kruger National Parks main goal,they also hold a strong aspiration to create the most memorable trip for their guests.

Kruger National Park CampingOne of the wonderful accommodation choices at Kruger National Park Safari that are available to visitors, is the Skukuza Camp in the South of Kruger National Park.  It is situated perfectly upon the southern banks of the beautiful Sabie River, where a wide variety of amazing tree species grow all year long. There is a great abundance of all sorts of activities as well as generally very well thought-out facilities available for the ever curious visitors. Skukuza in Kruger National Park, also offers a wide range of different animals and exotic plants for any adventurer’s viewing from among the surrounding areas.  National landmark in Kruger and a popular choice for safaris as the nearest entry gate, Paul Kruger gate, is a mere 12km’s away. Paul Kruger Gate is the closest entrance to Skukuza and the quickest way to get in and out of Kruger’s “capital”. One is confronted by the large, somewhat controversial bust of Paul Kruger by sculptor Coert Steynberg as one crosses the Sabie into the National game reserve. Paul Kruger has become synonymous with the South African wildlife experience, and tourism authorities are understandably loath to tamper with the destination branding.Kruger gate is on the Sabie River which is the dominant watercourse in southern Kruger.

Kruger National Park Safari Neighbors

Kruger National Park CampingA slightly smaller but perhaps all the more attractive and pleasant of the various Kruger National Park Accommodation options available for visitor enjoyment is the Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp in Kruger National Park, which is a true little piece of delight for anyone who decides to plan their vacation there. It is located in the south eastern corner of the marvelous Kruger National Park, upon the northern bank of the Crocodile River, which is where its name originally comes from. This stunningly peaceful and enchanting retreat enables the visitors a wonderful viewing of the ‘Southern Circle’, which is a game rich area that features some of the most amazing creatures of all time, such as the Lion and Cheetah. Crocodile Bridge is also home to quite a large population of Buffalo and thus is the perfect location for people to truly bond with nature and the wilderness while on safaris in this national gem of South Africa and Africa.This is a small camp so please make accommodation reservations in advance.

Safaris in pre erected tents have become extremely popular over the last few years as an overnight option in Kruger.Tamboti tented camp is a small encampment with safari tents situated on the banks of the Timbavati River, on the western boundary of the Kruger National Park, approximately 2km east of Orpen Camp.Due to the size and location of this little bushveld gem, Tamboti is one of the most popular camps in the Park.At Tamboti, the safari tents(as most in Kruger Park) have electrical plug points, small fridges and lights, inside and out. There is also a public pay phone. Tamboti also makes use of communal bathroom facilities, with showers, toilets, basins and mirrors.All guided excursion bookings can be done at Orpen.Bookings is essential as only overnight guests with accommodation reservations is allowed access and should report and book in at Orpen.

Kruger National Park Safari

Finally, another kind of Kruger National Park Safari Accommodation option is the Satara Rest Camp in central Kruger, which may be a busy camp but is the prime destination for bird viewers, since the bird life here is prolific.Reservations for Satara is a privilage and bookings should be made well in advance.Luckily there is a large camping area as well. Satara itself has a rustic charm, with the bulk of the accommodation set out in a series of circles. Satara is well wooded and the bird-life is prolific. At night the clink of fruit bats is fused with the chirping of cicadas and crickets. The calls of owls and nightjars add to the symphony that is punctuated intermittently by the whoop of hyena, the screech of jackal and the roars of lion.It is also home to a Lion Mega Pride.One can easily be mistaken thinking you are in the Serengeti as the vast open plains and scores of wildlife will astound you. True Kruger for some visitors.

The accommodation here is also very near to nature in the fact that all sorts of night time creatures can be heard in evenings as a compelling resounding, pleasant ring. This area in Kruger is the perfect place to come to if one is looking to meet some of the game for a closer outdoors experience.

Kruger National Park Camping

This national game reserve is the pride and joy of South Africa. From self-drive safaris, guided safaris and even walking safaris is available, with the self driving safaris being the most popular by far.Just make sure to have accommodation reservations as this is one of the busiest parks in South Africa.

Reservations is essential for all Kruger accommodation options.All Kruger Park bookings can be done online.Please check out our list of Kruger National Park Rest Camps, Bushveld Camps, Luxury Safari Lodges and Camping in Kruger Accommodation options.Bookings is essential as only guests with reservations can overnight in Kruger.

Accommodation in Kruger National Park and surrounding areas are Limited. To ensure a higher Accommodation Request Confirmation Rate, we encourage the visitor to request Multiple Accommodation Options/Choices. Please Request Different Rest Camps, Lodges, Dates, etc. to improve your success rate of getting an Accommodation Booking Confirmation.Thank You.

We are listing below Most popular Accommodation destinations in Kruger National Park. Please click on the links below to find more about them and request accommodation reservations or make bookings for your next Safaris in South Africa.


Kruger National Park Rest Camps

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Kruger National Park Rest Camp Accommodation

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